Your Ad Account Has Been Disabled

I panicked. 
"But I'm an EXPERT!!!!"
I told myself.

I quickly realised that keeping your ad campaign policy-compliant was only half the battle. 

The other part was knowing what to do when things go wrong and then how to avoid it in the future.

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Policy Compliant to Panic: my story...

From: Depesh Mandalia, Facebook Ads Expert, Agency Owner and ex-VC funded startups Chief Marketing Officer.

Dear concerned reader,

In 2015, I first encountered a policy issue, trying to personalise an ad back when t-shirt sellers were making a fortune. 

It wasn't until 2019 that I lost my ad account and COULD NOT RUN ADS!!!

By this point, I was already an 'influencers' in the world of Facebook advertising and as an advisor to Facebook Europe, being compliant with my ad campaigns was not only expected, it was required for my agency to retain our PREMIUM status.

That was a sucker punch for sure. I spent 2 hours trying to chase support on chat, figuring out what I did wrong.

This was whilst generating high revenue for one of my own high-ticket digital products so I was in panic mode.

I wasn't alone

I run a Facebook ads community and I'm part of others so I know too well the issues Facebook advertisers like you face.

It's become background noise now when you hear comments like 

"my ads disapproved I don't know why?"

"help my ad account's been shut down!!!"

or worse still

"my personal profile has been restricted from advertising too help?!!!!"

Does any of that ring true for you?

The least exciting part of running Facebook ads is policy compliance. 

It's also one of the least understood and least practiced areas of Facebook ads marketing.

If keeping your business manager, ad account, page, landing pages and ads are important to you then take a moment to see if you're doing the right things to remain compliant.

Because if you don't, Facebook is cranking up the punishments on Facebook marketers like you that are trying to generate high profits and revenue for yourselves or for clients, but miss out on some really important compliance elements.

I created a digital training program for those wanting to gain better stability and performance from their advertising, and I noticed something interesting.

The Ads Policy Compliance Checklist part of the training was not only popular, people would frequently check back in on it.

It made sense, since policy compliance, just like learning laws around selling online, contracts and other things are left to lawyers, who has time to learn compliance inside out?

(ok my team, but we're a rarity!).

So I decided I would share this for the lowest cost possible, to allow as many of the 7 million+ advertisers on Facebook to benefit from this, too.

Interested in keeping your campaigns compliant?

And in knowing what to do when things go wrong?

(and often it's not your fault either!)

If so, read on...

Prevention is better than CURE.
We created the Ads Policy Launch Checklist training to share our ongoing knowledge on how to stay compliant and what to do when things go wrong.

The instantly accessible, online training contains downloadable checklists and video instructions for you to audit what you have now and to stay compliant.

  • How to set up your assets (business manager, ads manager, landers) for success
  • ​The key areas we focus on from Facebook's freely available Policy recommendations together with our own experience of using this for all types of clients in our agency, SM Commerce which generates $50-100M in revenue a year for clients (which means we run a LOT of ads)
  • Bonus: a simple one-page checklist to use as a print-out reference guide once you've understood the key elements
  • ​​Bonus: Our recommended approach once the inevitable (for many) business manager, ad account or ad gets banned or disapproved.
From a limited time only, save 75% OFF the full price ($197)
What's Included
Enjoy immediate online access to the complete Ads Policy Launch Checklist, via mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop anywhere and anytime!
Download and use the Ads Policy Launch Checklist whenever you need it, share it with your team to create internal sign-off and check processes.
Watch the in-depth walkthrough of our campaign audit process, including hints & tips to see how we audit accounts, what we look for and how we grade issues.
Designed For
Keep client accounts active via our audit checklist process and build them into your client management SOPs.
Keep your accounts active and compliant by following our agency's advice and best practices.
Protect yourself from potential client issues by following best practice processes with your clients.
Works For
Our processes look at the entire funnel to ensure your campaigns, ads and landing pages remain compliant.
Digital products and services are under even more scrutiny so use this to stay as compliant as you can.
Use our best practices and audit process to keep your ad account and important, your offers, compliant.

Can you afford to lose your revenue-generating ad account? 🤕

The Ads Policy Launch Program

From a limited time only, save 75% OFF the full price ($197)

You Can Trust Our Experience

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Founded in 2010, we started off as affiliates running travel offers generating over £10M in merchant revenue before focussing on Ecommerce and eventually in 2017 becoming an exclusive Facebook ads agency. 

Founder, Depesh Mandalia has 15+ years experience in the online marketing world.

As part of our mission to help improve Facebook advertising results for over 100,000 people, this training guide is aimed to reduce the stress and anxiety of operating your ad account and prevent ad account bans and issues.
Depesh Mandalia, Founder SMC
"You ever think 'I wish I'd known this sooner?!' well that's why I decided to share our reference documents and audit sheet to help others avoid the stress of losing their ad account to take action BEFORE that happens."
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A master of process and efficiency! Olga resides in the background overseeing the fulfillment team to ensure that tasks are completed on time and at the highest degree of quality. Her experience in operations has allowed her to scale multiple businesses past the 7-figure mark from scratch.
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